China Holds Rates Nikkei 34 year High
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Asian Focus: China Holds Rates and Nikkei Hits 34-Year High

Asian markets varied; Nikkei at 34-year high. China holds rates; Hang Seng down. US indices hit records; upcoming USD Leading Index.

Asian Markets Global Indices Surge
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Asian Markets Rally: Global Indices Surge to New Heights

Asian markets rally as Bank of Japan maintains policy; China holds rates, Wall Street's positivity resonates; global indices surge.

Asia-Pacific Markets Global Updates
Market News

Snapshot: Asia-Pacific Markets and Global Updates in Focus

Asia-Pacific markets show resilience amid mixed trends, with South Korea surging and China facing declines. Global indicators influence market dynamics

Market News

Asia-Pacific Markets Slide as China Holds Rates!

Asian markets dip with unchanged Chinese rates; anticipation mounts for the upcoming Fed decision.

Market News

Asia-Pacific Markets Surge – Hong Kong and Mainland China!

Asia-Pacific markets surge, led by Hong Kong and Mainland China gains

Market News

Diverse Trends Amidst China’s Rate Adjustments

iverse trends in Asian markets amid China's rate adjustments.

Market News

Global Economic Factors: Crude Oil, China!

Crude oil prices dip amid US Dollar strength and China's growth concerns, impacting global markets.

Market News

Anticipated: China’s PBOC to Establish Yuan Midpoint at 7.1869

China's PBOC set to fix Yuan midpoint at 7.1869.

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Euro Down EU Inflation
Market News

Euro Weighed Down as EU Inflation Falls Short of Predictions

Euro Area core inflation falls for the 7th straight month, missing forecasts, while EUR/USD tests critical level at 1.0800.

Yen Wage Negotiations ECB Meetings
Market News

Yen and Euro in Focus: Wage Negotiations, ECB Meetings

Japanese yen falters as USD/JPY retreats ahead of wage negotiations; EUR/JPY finds support before ECB meeting next week.

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