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Fidelcrest Podcast Episode 2- The Trader who succeed!

Fidelcrest is making waves with its latest promotional offer, extending a 20% discount and an unprecedented 125% refund.

In Episode 2 on The Fidelcrest Podcast, they had a special chance to chat with Chirayu P., who is really good at trading. Chirayu P. talked about how he became a trader and shared smart ideas about trading and investing. Chirayu has been doing this for more than twenty years and has learned how to do well even when the market goes up and down.

Chirayu got interested in the stock market when he was a teenager in the late 1990s. He started with tech stocks and funds and learned important things when the dot-com bubble burst. At first, he looked at the basic facts and did research to decide where to invest. This is called “fundamental analysis.”

But things changed in the markets, and Chirayu changed his ways, too. He started to focus on quick trading and looked at charts and patterns to make decisions. He had to learn new things and change the way he did things to do well in this new way of trading.

In 2022, Chirayu found out about prop firms. These are special companies that let traders like him use their money to trade. He joined one called Fidelcrest because he wanted to try out his quick trading ideas with less of his own money. He liked Fidelcrest’s way of trading stocks, especially the ones from the NASDAQ 100.

Fidelcrest Podcast Episode 2

Chirayu didn’t become a successful trader right away. He had some hard times in the beginning, like losing money from different accounts. But he kept learning and working hard for more than ten years until he figured out how to make money. He says it’s really important to know how much risk you can take and to be patient and disciplined.

He tells new traders to start with small amounts of money and practice a lot before they try with more. He likes a quote that says if you can’t do something right now, when will you have time to do it again? This means it’s better to take your time and do things correctly than to rush and make mistakes. Chirayu thinks it’s important to be patient, learn new things, and manage risk if you want to do well.

Chirayu is still learning and getting better at trading. His story shows that trading is always about learning and growing. He’s a good example for other traders who want to do well in the competitive world of trading and investing. For more insights and updates from Chirayu P, watch the Podcast:

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