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U.S. Small Business Optimism Inches Up as Dollar Sees Volatility
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U.S. Small Business Optimism Inches Up as Dollar Sees Volatility

In the U.S., small business optimism remains low, and the Dollar Index fluctuates. Asia awaits China’s inflation data, which will influence currencies and...

asian markets dollar & gold
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Asian Markets Watch: Dollar Rally & Central Bank Signals

In the US session, the dollar surged, overshadowing Canada's economic growth. Asia markets anticipate further dollar strength and key Fed speeches.

Tech Titans Treasury yields
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Tech Titans and Treasury Yields: A Market Rollercoaster

Apple's strong earnings boost shares; USD weakens on falling Treasury yields ahead of US Jobs Report scrutiny.

currency commodity trends
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Market Watch: Currency and Commodity Trends in Asia

In the Asia session, traders anticipate data releases and market sentiment to drive movements across currency pairs and commodities.

Flash US PMI data growth slowdown
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Flash US PMI Data Shows Growth Slowdown in April

The US Composite PMI for April showed slowing growth, while Australian CPI data propelled the Aussie dollar higher.

Canadian manufacturing inflation Loonie surge
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Market Watch: Canadian Manufacturing Inflation Spurs Loonie Surge

Persistent inflationary pressures in Canada's manufacturing sector drive the Loonie's strength, with the USD/CAD pair trading below 1.3700.

dollar index surges
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Market Focus: Dollar Surges, Gold Up After UoM Report

The University of Michigan's April consumer sentiment report maintains stability at 77.9, but inflation expectations increase to 3.1%.

GBP Q2 Against Major Currencies
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GBP in Focus: Technical Projections for Q2 Against Major Currencies

The British Pound recalibrates following the Bank of England's shift, with GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, and GBP/JPY facing varied technical outlooks.

Japanese Yen Technical outlook Q2
Market News

Japanese Yen in Focus: Technical Outlook for Q2

USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY face critical juncture; resistance and support levels pivotal amid evolving market conditions.

Federal Reserve Governor Waller
Market News

Monetary Policy in Focus: Fed Governor Address at the Economic Club of New York

Federal Reserve Governor Waller's speech highlighted cautious optimism regarding economic progress and uncertainty about inflation's sustainability.

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Asian Markets Rally as Investors Diverge from U.S. Tech Giants

Asian markets rise as investors shift focus from U.S. tech to banking and energy; Japan's Nikkei gains 0.95%.

Asia Markets Outlook: Dollar Strength and Commodities in Focus
Market News

Asia Markets Outlook: Dollar Strength and Commodities in Focus

DXY nears 106, gold holds at $2,315/oz, oil pulls back to $81/barrel; Waller’s remarks could influence market trends.

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