Tech Titans Treasury yields
Market News

Tech Titans and Treasury Yields: A Market Rollercoaster

Apple's strong earnings boost shares; USD weakens on falling Treasury yields ahead of US Jobs Report scrutiny.

Asia-Pacific US inflation data
Market News

Asia-Pacific Watch: Dollar Volatility After US Inflation Data

Following robust US inflation data, the Dollar Index surged, but Asian markets anticipate a potential retreat as trading progresses.

Europe Asia economic Data
Market News

Market Focus: Europe and Asia React to Economic Data

In Asia, the Australian labor report weakened the AUD; USD awaits US unemployment claims and Fed Governor Bowman's speech for direction.

Market News

Inflationary Crossroads: USD/ZAR Trends in Focus

The March CPI shows a slight decrease to 5.3%. USD/ZAR technicals suggest bullish momentum. SARB is eyeing potential rate cuts.

UK Inflation GBP USD
Market News

UK Inflation Surprise: CPI Drops, Boosting GBP Against Dollar

UK CPI unexpectedly drops to 3.2%, boosting GBP against USD, but concerns remain amid ongoing inflationary pressures globally.

Market News

Dollar Dominance: Charting the Path of EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD

The US dollar gains momentum against major currencies, with potential for EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and GBP/USD shifts. Traders remain vigilant amid volatility.

Economic Indicators Central Bank Actions
Market News

A Closer Look at Economic Indicators and Central Bank Actions

Recent economic data and central bank statements set the stage for potential market movements and heightened volatility globally.

US Dollar Strong Inflation Data Gold Record Highs
Market News

US Dollar Strong on Inflation Data, Gold Eyes Record Highs

The US dollar surged to multi-month highs on inflation concerns, while gold remains resilient, eyeing fresh record highs.

EURUSD Analysis
Market News

EURUSD Analysis: Charting New Territory Beyond the Trendline

EURUSD broke a key trendline, signaling potential bearish momentum; diverging signals hint at possible retracements or reversals ahead.

USDCAD Resistance Economic Data
Market News

USDCAD Stalls at Crucial Resistance: Economic Data and Technicals in Focus

USDCAD faces resistance at 1.3540 amid mixed economic data; traders await cues for potential breakout or reversal.

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Dollar Strengthens Over U.S. Unemployment Claims: Market Watch
Market News

Dollar Strengthens Over U.S. Unemployment Claims: Market Watch

The Asia session responded positively to the U.S. job market report, boosting investor confidence and strengthening the U.S. dollar.

Forex Watch: Levels and Expectations
Market News

Forex Watch: Levels and Expectations

Reduced U.S. trading activity on public holiday affects global forex markets; investors await Unemployment Claims data for market cues.

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