Japan Inflation Surge
Market News

Fed Watch: Japan Inflation Surge Rattles Markets

Japan's core CPI surged to 2.8% in February, sparking speculation of a hawkish stance from the Bank of Japan.

Market News

New Focus: Traders Await UK Labor, US CPI Numbers

Traders await UK labor data and US CPI report, expecting higher volatility, potential Dollar Index surge, and Pound weakness.

Dollar Gold Oil
Market News

Market Analysis: Dollar Strong, Gold Surges, Oil Struggles

Today's trading session anticipates muted activity with the dollar stabilizing, gold remaining high, and oil facing downward pressure.

Australian Economy Slow Growth
Market News

Australian Economy Faces Slow Growth, Dollar Volatility Ahead

U.S. services sector expansion persists despite missing forecasts; Dollar weakens; Australian economy's growth remains sluggish, impacting AUD.

Dollar index gold prices
Market News

Global Focus: Dollar Index, Gold Prices, and Oil Movement Reviewed

Dollar Index steady, gold finds support, oil retreats. Swiss inflation easing may affect USD/CHF. Fed maintains rates; gold surge continues.

dollar fluctuates gold retreats oil Strong
Market News

Market Trends: Dollar Index Fluctuates, Gold Retreats, Oil Strong

The Dollar Index (DXY) held a narrow range, gold retreated, and oil remained steady in a quiet trading session.

Australia jobs slump dollar US retail
Market News

Australia Jobs Slump Hits Dollar, US Retail Seen Cooling

Australia's January labour report showed minimal job gains and a rise in unemployment, putting pressure on the Australian Dollar.

US Services Sector Growth dollar index surge
Market News

U.S. Services Sector Growth Continues as Dollar Index Surge

The U.S. services sector expands, boosting economic growth, while the dollar index rises, indicating increased demand for the currency.

Dollar Strengthens Gold Weakens
Market News

Trade Watch: Dollar Strengthens, Gold Weakens

Given the steady growth in U.S. economic activity, particularly in services, a stronger-than-expected Composite PMI could further boost the dollar.

surge retail sales dollar index
Market News

Retail Sales Surge in December, Dollar Index Peaks at 103.70

US retail sales surged 0.6% MoM in December, driving the Dollar Index to 103.70. Asian markets react cautiously.

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BOJ Bond Purchase Plans Shake Asian Indices: Market Focus
Market News

BOJ Bond Purchase Plans Shake Asian Indices: Market Focus

Asian markets mixed as the BOJ hints at bond purchase reduction; Nikkei gains, Hang Seng falls; US indices hit record highs.

Dollar Falls and Gold Surges as U.S. Inflation Cools
Market News

Dollar Falls and Gold Surges as U.S. Inflation Cools

Soft U.S. inflation data prompts dollar sell-off, while the Fed's hawkish stance drives market volatility ahead of the Asia session.

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